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The Gaucho Carbon Footprint Project

Since first opening in 1994, Gaucho has had a vision of bringing the world’s best steak to London. Our beef is among the best quality steak in the world, coming from Argentinian, premium Black-Angus cattle bred at hand-selected farms, fed on a completely natural grass diet, with acres of grassland to freely roam on.  


For us, quality is also about sustainability and considering our impact on the environment. It’s no secret that farming cattle comes with environmental issues, which is why Gaucho and supplier of premium beef Rellman Foods have partnered on a project to quantify and report the carbon footprint of the Argentine beef served at our restaurants. 

In the first project of its kind, we have worked with the Carbon Group to gather product carbon footprint data at farm level, empowering all farmers and ranchers in Argentina to participate and learn from the results.  

Alongside the production of beef, transport from farm to table is also being mapped, allowing us to have complete overview of the supply chain and carbon footprint of our core product. 

This work has enabled us to begin the process of offsetting the beef carbon emissions. Our next step is to work with our partners and suppliers to reduce emissions at source using better land management practices and trialling new technology. 

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