What is the Sustainable Steak Movement?

The sustainable steak movement was founded in 2021 and launched in alignment of COP 26 to offer a carbon conscious beef offering in restaurants across the UK. 


Founded by ‘Gaucho’, ‘Buenos Aires’ and ‘M’ Restaurant groups, we invite all restaurants and suppliers to join us in leading a movement to commit to make beef and wine sustainable in our restaurants and the ambition to make ‘Net Zero’ a reality by 2030


Our Partners 

Gaucho have embarked on a first of its kind carbon footprint project with Rellman Foods and the Carbon Group, to calculate the embedded carbon emissions from farm to table of our Argentinian steaks. Read more about the project here.


Our Manifesto

We are a group of UK restaurants who are committed to neutralise the ecological impact of cattle rearing to produce and offer ‘Carbon Neutral’ steaks and wines in our restaurants. 

Working with our partners to ensure that sustainable farming practices, husbandry and feed, lead to a reduction of carbon created at the source and sequestration, offset by the re-forestation of our planet.


Restaurants in our movement have pledged to the following principles and timeline: 



Offering a ‘Carbon Neutral’ Beef option on our menus

Promote and highlight a ‘Carbon Neutral’ wine offering 

Committing to minimise food waste in our venues

The use of 100% renewable energy in our restaurants

 Calculate the carbon footprint of our operations.



Offering ‘Carbon Neutral’ Beef exclusively on our menus



Calculating and committing to convert our restaurants to become ‘Net Zero’ venues, using the ‘Zero Carbon Forum’ as a roadmap


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